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UTI’s Suck

So, I was in the hospital yesterday. I took the day off of school and I thought I’d just go for a visit, get myself diagnosed, and be done. Well, I went to urgent care, and they said that I might have appendicitis. I was like FML. So, I came home after that and took a nap for about an hour. Then I went to the emergency room, waiting for 3 hours, then the doctor finally saw me. It took another 2 hours for them just to make me to a urine sample and a blood test. After laying in the hospital bed in a gown for 2 hours… the doctor finally came in and said I had a bladder infection (or UTI) He prescribed me antibiotics and pain meds (which don’t work at all) so I’ve been taking that today… Urinary tract infections suck. Period.

I think my kidney’s infected. :/ Lovely….

Japan.. I feel so sorry for everyone over there.. I’ll be praying and my heart goes out to all. My problems seem so small now.

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